December 9, 2022

New Wine

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It’s been said that you shouldn’t put new wine in old wine skins because the old skin is no longer flexible enough to withstand the fermentation process without bursting. Skins are no longer used in wine making but the idea itself still applies to the spirit.

Spiritual wine is made when your spiritual practice produces spiritual fruit and that fruit is given time to ferment and age into spiritual wine. In the beginning of practice, and as we grow in spirit, we may taste of the wine that was produced by already established vineyards. Then as the fruit of our own spiritual practice develops and we gain knowledge, insight, understanding, compassion and wisdom, our wine matures and the old wine from other vineyards may seem to have aged into vinegar. While vinegar still has its uses, a little goes a long way.

We need a new skin to put our new wine in.

We need a way beyond the cults of personality, religion, politics and clique, that throughout history have been and still are self serving for the few but make it miserable for all the rest of humanity.

We need something that will get us out of our waring camps and bring all of humanity to the point that we chose to save ourselves and this earth, the only home we have, from the destruction that has been caused by some humans’ insatiable greed, fear and hatred. Many have searched for that new way including me. I’m still trying new ways, like working on this web site. I sincerely hope we find one soon.

It is the nature and spirit of Life to be ever changing, always new. The old is gone never to return. That’s just how space/time works. We are one with the One Living Life that is, whether we realize it or not.

That’s just how Life is, One with Itself——Whole!

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