December 9, 2022

about: yeshuha dot com redirects

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Peter SimonThe posts on yeshuha dot com, dot org, and dot net, are being updated and republished on this new site. The posts “If” and “Why?” are two such posts. The rest will be posted as soon as they are ready.

New material is also being written and will be posted as it’s finished.

The posts that appear on this site attributed to peter are a mix of new posts and older material that was first published on the web site Any post that has a “y” at the end was first published on that site. For those of you that have ended up on,org,net  over the years or are newly redirected here, thank you for visiting. I moved the old personal site to this shared space in the hope of making the yeshuha posts more visible. The  reason that I chose the name yeshuha for the old site and peter for the new writings will be made clear over the next few posts. People that visited the old site know there is more to come, but don’t know about the new parts of the “story” that will be revealed. New visitors will be surprised by the “story” itself and by the fact that I said story is not the truth because it is the past or imagination. Story is not the truth but it can be about the truth, especially if it actually happened to you. A road sign that warns you about the curve ahead is not the road, you don’t drive over it, but they sure help you navigate that real road.
The “story” is very personal and I do not gladly post it on line. I have lived my life very privately similar to a monk without a monastery. The only reason it is posted is in the hope that it will help other people in some way. It also explains where i got some of the ideas written about in the post titled “The Secret of Life” found on this site.

This is a new site and we only work on it when we have the time and energy. Will try to post at least every 7-10 days.

I would like to thank Rich for all the help he gave me over many years at and for providing this new space for sharing spiritual thought.

What I write here is my opinion only and nothing else.

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