December 9, 2022


I am a Christian however I am not religious. I believe in the words that Jesus spoke in the bible. Not the words of every man that spoke in the bible. Religion will say that those words are blasphemy and every word in the bible is the spoken word of God but it's just not true. They are the words of men that are writing stories about things that happen some 60 years after they happened. Jesus spoke parables to them because they couldn’t understand the simplicity of his word. Have you ever noticed how the bible says the word of God? Not the Words of God? That word is Love. Christianity is the New Testament not the old. Religion has destroyed Christianity. Religion has taken the words of the bible in the New Testament and twisted them around to their needy desires and controlling spirits. The words of Jesus don’t line up for the world. Religion has to twist the words of the bible to make them line up to their truth. The words Of Jesus are beautiful, simple and pure of heart. The words of the mainstream religion are Lies, desire, hate and greed. And as of late the truth of religion has been revealed now everyone can see that most of the preachers of religion are Lier's and false prophets. Mainstream religion is full of false Prophets I am not here to bash Christianity or religion. I am just letting you know my stance on religion. I don’t want to get all caught up in religion here because Spiritual Wine is meant to be a spiritual site it's not meant to be a religious site. Everything under the sun has its purpose. The purpose of Spiritual Wine is to let the light shine in, not to cover it in more strife and confusion. So if it's not too late let us begin! Peace be with you Rich
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