December 9, 2022


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Peter Simon

If Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, or any of the other not so well known practitioners of a higher way of life, the kind of life that is beyond just the base instinct for survival, where here today, would they recognize their own teachings considering how people have corrupted them? Would they tell us this is mankind’s darkest era? Might they say the reason this is so is that the great ideas of Love, Peace, Tolerance, and Understanding are all laid to waste in this new world of unbounded fear, greed, and hatred for each other, and in our total disregard for the planet that we all depend on for life itself? Would they say these higher ideas, that took countless people and long painful centuries to develop, now appear to be meaningless except as word play and are not commonly in use except by some folks that are seldom given a voice that can be heard above the loud noise of todays business views of life?

Perhaps it’s time to see that the modern idea of Continual Growth really should be called by its true name – Cancerous Growth, and that the time for minor methods of healing are past due, and that now the patient is in need of major surgery?
Do we want this operation performed by a doctor that is only trying to make big money and/or thinks himself a god, or by a doctor that really cares, and loves the work being done? Can we be the physicians of our own fate, or are we going to do nothing and wait until it is too late, and then have someone, perhaps another authoritarian figure like Hitler, that may not have our best interest at heart, impose some really draconian means of quackery to get the job done?

Can we even now, when it is so obvious we are in real trouble, ask ourselves why we waste our lives, time, and resources on war, destruction and repression? Can we realize that if we were to spend as much money and energy on peace, preservation of life, and freedom from fear, our world would be transformed into a much better place to live? Why is it so hard for we humans to see this? Could we suffer from a blindness caused by something more than just ignorance or stupidity? Are we being fooled into acting this way by a few people who believe they have the right to control us for their own benefit? Are we prisoners and slaves on this planet? Are we purposely programed by our society from birth to go along with an elitist plan to let a few business people ruin all of life on earth, so they can have power, wealth, and everything else they can imagine, all at the expense of the rest of humanity and the devastation of earth itself?

Why are so many people afraid to ask themselves serious questions? These questions and more will be asked and possibly answered here on this site. There is no claim being made that any question can be ultimately answered, but it is believed that it is very important to ask and look for possible and likely answers.

We will be asking life’s questions and seeking the answers even if there is no “answer”.

This site is dedicated to the idea that only a warm heart and clear mind can save us and the planet from ourselves. A warm heart is, in other words, love, compassion, peaceful intent, and benevolence towards others. A clear mind is one not infected with erroneous ideas of which there are many. Ideas like the hatred and greed that have devastated life on this planet since the beginning of man. Warm heart and clear mind are still the best ideas of which man has ever dreamed. If only we could learn to actually apply these altruistic gems to life here on earth, it could change this worse than any nightmare life that is now taking place here into a life of beauty, joy, and peace on earth!


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