December 9, 2022

Who Is God?

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God is spirit but the essence of God, is Love! God is Light. God is spirit. You might ask why is there evil and darkness in spirit? The evil and darkness (strife confusion, destruction selfish etc. etc.) this is the lost part of God. If you are on the Darkside of God Then you are lost and will remain in darkness until you learn the truth about God. The truth of God is light and Love. We are all part of God so if you are searching for God or the truth of Spirit Then you are searching for Love and Light! Every spirit and every human will search for God at some point in their existence and at some point, everyone will find God but whether or not they decide to choose God is up to them.

Many will argue that if God is Love why are there so many people suffering that don’t deserve it? Suffering, whether it’s at the hands of a single person a group or humanity in itself is part of the darkness and one of the lessons we learn when seeking God, is darkness is a illusion. Suffering is a illusion. Suffering is the lesson that teaches us that it is an illusion! It is hard for those that are seeking to see that because they still believe in the illusion. While you believe in the illusion no one can tell you it’s an illusion. That is the lesson we have to learn to let the illusion go. And believe me when you let it go it disappears.

You might ask, “what about people that die? Is their lesson over?” My answer to that is that the flesh or physical being is part of the illusion to a certain extent that it embodies our Spirit. When we pass over some may move on and some may reincarnate to learn more, while there is a humanity to reincarnate to. Humanities come and go and if you are not free of the illusion or darkness and you don’t reincarnate for whatever reasons your lessons will continue in the spiritual realm a sort of hell you might say. But in reality, there is no hell only darkness and light, love and hate.

What I have just discussed here is the simplicity of it. The complexity of it can go deep and the more complex you make it the longer the lesson.

Peace be with you

Renegade Rich

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