December 9, 2022


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Peter SimonWhy is a troubling word. From the time many of us first ask why, we were told many conflicting things from ,“That’s a very good question.” to “Shut up don’t ask those kind of things.” (that’s the polite version) to total Bull, and every thing in between. If you ask the wrong kind of questions you can gain powerful enemies. You could be killed or imprisoned for asking questions. You could even be tortured while being questioned for questioning. People have become famous news people because of their questions, or experts, pundits, and authorities because of the way they answer questions, or spiritual seekers, scientists, philosophers, students, and more, all due to questions.

Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why are the questions many have asked; the hardest of all to answer is Why.

We may never know the answer to that question on any level, and yet it seems to be the most intriguing question of them all and the one most likely to be abused when answered, because instead of giving the honest answer which is, most of the time, we don’t know, we instead make something up in an endeavor to hide the true answer from ourselves and/or others. We have filled our heads with so many erroneous answers because is is just too frightening to admit the real truth, which is we just don’t know.

Here we are alive on planet earth and we do not have a clue as to WHY we are here. Please start out honest on this one or you won’t get the rest. Books, other peoples’ ideas, beliefs or experiences do not count. Doubt even your own ideas and experiences on this. Many have been deluded and filled with some illusion about this question. Do not take any answers including any you may get here. Put them all to the test. Can I prove this idea or thought about something is real?
Why do we do what we do, think as we think, feel the way we feel, and live the way we live?
If by any chance you think you can skate by on that one by just answering GOD this or GOD that, prove it. Are you, being of sound mind of course, claiming to have heard and seen God in person and God proved to you he was God and that everything he told you to think etc. is true?
In the end you will probably have to admit once all of this is gone through, that not much holds up to scrutiny. Do I Truly Know Beyond Any Doubt, that this idea or belief is true?
This seems to be a big problem. If we do not know why we are here, how can we determine how to live while we are here? What about all the bad things we or someone else might do? Who will be responsible for all of this?
It is not as big of a problem as it first seems, and you do not have to take on a new religion or philosophy in order to solve it.

1.Admit to yourself that you do not really know for sure Why you are here or what You really are.

This is hard for some because they have to give up something they cling to for security, usually something that came from outside their own true experience, something that cannot be proven to be true. This covers most religions and philosophies even the ones you make up for yourself or others. You can live well with out this junk that clutters up your mind.
You could, on the other hand, feel a real burden leave when you realize that you have now stumbled onto the truth that will set you free. Be humble and admit that You don’t know why you’re here, or how, or what, to think about it. When you do this you will truly feel, and be free, for the first time in your life. You will now have an open and spacious mind. A clear mind.

2.Once you “have cast out the demons” of illusion, do not allow any new ones to take up residence in your mind. If by chance you are worried about lack of morals or purpose in this state, one has only to familiarize themselves with the one idea the mind can safely dwell on and find true refuge in. A tested and proven worthwhile thought, and that is the idea of warm heart. Clear mind without the balance of warm heart can lead one into problems of being too detached and estranged from life, and that is not the purpose of having a clear mind.

Out of clear mind and warm heart comes an offering, a chance to share what it is to be human.



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